Tenax Recordings are preparing to tread a new and fresh path. 
The Florence based label team of Alex Neri, Marco Baroni and Federico Grazzini 
are looking to explore their roots with a new series of vinyls, 
produced with the instruments and hardware that have fuelled their creative electronic journey. 
Accompanying the music is a new graphical concept with hand drawn artworks 
from Rachel Montague that explains the projects important connection with the earth.

For the first release in the series and after more than 20 years of partnership on projects 
including Korda, Kamasutra, Planet Funk and many more, Alex Neri and Marco Baroni join forces once again, 
deciding this time to release their first vinyl under their own names. 
With the help of Roland's historical weaponry the TR-909 and Jupiter-8, 
plus the legendary Moog Voyager, the pair have given birth to Mystic Tattoo.  
Structured melodies and techno grooves plot the lines of this epic musical painting. 
A masterpiece so long that stretches over both sides of the wax. 


Davide Squillace - 'I'm liking the vibe of this new Tenax, especially the long version of Mystic Tattoo.'

Eats Everything - 'I love all three of these! My fav is the Mystic Tattoo 1. Brilliant stuff!!'

Danny Howells - 'The Long version is pretty mega!! Part II especially... Looking forward to giving this a go!'

Dave Seaman - 'Amazing music from masters of the art. This is gonna be huge for me '

Bushwacka! / Just Be - 'Now this is sounding TASTY!! Especially Mystic Tattoo I...'

Stefano Fontana - (Scrunch, Radio Deejay, Italy) - 'Ma boyz did it again... I love that bassline!'

Lele Sacchi - 'EPIC! Tensions, rhythm, melody, all the elements match perfectly. Will support on radio and in the clubs.'

Victor - (DJ Magazine, Spain) - 'Great concept here. The long version is great!'

Tiefschwarz (Ali) - 'This is a strong release from Alex and Marco. Mystic Tattoo II is my pick to play.'

Mauro Picotto - 'Thanks for the good house mood from these gentleman. Shooting with their classic TR-909!!'

Gerd - 'Always been a fan of Kamasutra/Planet Funk back in the days. Enjoying the atmosphere, sounds and pads in number II. Well done!'

Carlo Lio - 'This is sounding like its gonna be a very cool release for me. Looking forward trying out Mystic Tattoo I.'

Coyu - 'Oh yes... The long version of Mystic Tattoo is just magical!!! Definitely supporting!'

Nick Warren - 'Mystic Tattoo II is a ROCKING record!!! Really good work guys. Will support!'

Hector Romero - 'That's a nasty groove on number I!! I can't wait to play this out and see the effect.'

Wehbba - 'WOW, loving this release. I love the raw groove and melody. I'll be supporting!'

Karotte - 'The long versions is sounding really cool to me. Yeah, I like that a LOT!! I'll be trying this out.'

Luca Bacchetti - 'Digging the mystical journey!! Such a great tune from Alex and Marco. II is the one for me.'

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) - 'Love this! Really funky and techy. I think Number I is gonna be getting most plays from me.'

Nicole Moudaber - 'This is a super, SUPER record!!! Gonna try the long version!!'

Sian - 'An excellent release guys. Really feeling the Long version. Gonna try it out.'

Remo - 'Awesome release. Loving Number I... It sounds fantastic! Definite support for Alex & Marco!'

Behrouz - 'Really nice tracks with some cool analogue sound. Good luck with the new project guys, I'm a fan.'

Danny Howard - (Dance Anthems, BBC Radio 1) - 'That warpy bass is incredible! First 9 minute track that's kept me interested throughout. Perfect builds...'

Mathias - (FLUX FM, Berlin, Germany) - 'I wanna float away with Mystic Tattoo II!! '

Diversions - (CHRY Toronto, Canada) - 'Diggin' the slow building and shifting melodic rhythms of Mystic Tattoo II.'

AMDJS Radio - (Saint Petersburg, Russia) - 'Marvellous record!!! 10/10!'

Golden Rivers Show - (East Village Radio, NYC, USA) - 'That synth is sounding wild on Tattoo II!!'

David Moreno - (Ibiza Global Radio) - 'High quality music from Alex and Marco. Support on the station from me!'

Bramus D - (Delta FM, Argentina) - 'Excellent release from the guys!! We'll support on air.'

Soundwall, Italy - 'Will consider for a review.'

Scan Mode - (DJ Magazine, Spain) - 'Solid release with two strong originals.'

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